Medical Bill Help is Here

Free Yourself from Worrying about Medical Debt!

Medical bills are stressful - especially when they are unexpected and more than you want to pay! This is where our team steps in - we reach out and negotiate with the provider on your behalf to reduce, if not altogether remove, the amount you owe.


Our decades of experience allow us to present your unique case to the provider or facility. We consult on thousands of medical bills each year, so we know what providers can and will accept in settlement. In 2020, our team was able to save our clients an average of 60% per bill.

We believe that providers and facilities are truly there to help, but sometimes insurance companies and legal issues prevent them from charging a fair price. Freedom Negotiators works quickly on your behalf, to obtain a fair price for you. We do not get paid unless we are successful, and we only receive 20% of the savings, up to $5,000!

Why Freedom Negotiators?

Innovative technology utilized for your benefit

Superior Negotiations skills

Negotiators with a proven Customer Satisfaction record

Our Money Back Guarantee!!!

Our Process

It only takes 5 easy steps to find out how much we can save you.

1. Fill out our online questionnaire below.

2. We ask for a processing fee per bill.  This fee is 100% refundable if we do not save you at least that much!

Less than $15,000 $150
$15,000 or More $300

3. You sign a release of information so we can talk to your provider to ensure you have the best price.
We are HIPAA certified so we take your privacy VERY seriously.
If needed, we may request some additional information from you, to see if you qualify for support services.

4. We will reach out to you with a resolution after we have worked with your provider to negotiate your bill.

5. Once we have negotiated a settlement amount, we work with you on payment options. Freedom Negotiators will only charge you 20% of the savings - up to $5,000. Your processing fee is applied towards the balance.

Need help paying your Medical Bill?

Freedom Negotiators has partnered with MedPlan Credit to provide access to compassionate, patient-centric financing.

Benefits of MedPlan:

  • Easy application process
  • Instant approval - based on credit ratings
  • Easy to understand contract - no complicated legal jargon
  • Manageable monthly payments with low interest

MedPlan Credit was born of the idea that patients should access the care they need when they need it, not when they can afford it.

Click below to apply to MedPlan Credit or for more information, please call MedPlan at (918) 340-5471.

Medical Bill Help